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Spring Registration Now Open

Early Bird Registration: Closed
Regular Registration: Closed
Late Registration: Closed
Practices Start: March 26, 2018
Games: April 7 - May 12

Spring registration is now closed and late registration has been opened. Note that completing this form is no guarantee of availability as the current registration period is over. At this time, payment is not necessary. If there is room on a team, you will be contacted before the season start date with a link allowing you to complete your payment. If you have questions please contact Abbey Miller at

Spring 2018 Recreational Soccer


Please keep in touch with your coaches. They spend a lot of time getting ready for practices and if they do not hear from you…they expect your child to be there. Please let coaches know if you know that your son/daughter cannot make it to a practice or a game in a timely manner. It is hard to have a team practice or games when only half the kids show up.

Be on Time

Coaches are busy too…please arrive on time when dropping off and picking up. That way, no one is missing part of the practice or taking away from family time after practice. Coaches will do the same…end practice on time.


Players should bring shin-guards, water bottle, and the correct size ball that is inflated to practices and games.

  • U6 – size 3 ball
  • U8 – size 3 ball
  • U10 – size 4 ball
  • U12 – size 4 ball
  • U14 – size 5 ball

Coaches do not have extra gear or soccer balls so having the players bring their gear to practice helps greatly.

Players should never wear jewelry of any kind to practices or games. Earrings especially are not allowed as this is a safety hazard.

Soccer Complex

The soccer complex is "our" complex and is maintained by NWISC and not by the city of Spencer or the Spencer schools. We ask that you take the utmost care of the fields as maintenance and repair costs are paid for by the registration fees that everyone pays. To keep costs down we need everyone to be to acting “greens keeper” and take care of complex.


It takes a lot of great volunteers to put soccer on in Spencer and care for the complex. Please respond and help out...we offer a lot of opportunities that can fit just about anyone's schedule.


All games are played for fun, so no score is kept or win/losses tracked. We do not host end of season tournaments or awards as our rec program is about player development and introducing the kids and coaches to the game of soccer in a friendly low-pressure environment.

NWISC does provide a certified referee at all games and we ask that you respect their decisions. Bad calls will be made and indecision will occur as our young referees are learning just as much as the kids. At the U12 and U14 games, we try to get three referees consisting two assistant referees (AR) and one center referee.


  • Practices start the week of March 25th
  • Games start April 7th

We are working on the schedules and plan to have them out by the end of this week September 1st or 2nd. We work with area communities and it takes some time to get all the info.

Schedule Guideline

  • U6 Thru U10 – Games are played Saturday mornings (8:30 to 12:00)
  • U12 thru U14 – Games are played Saturday afternoons (12:30 to 3:30)
  • U12 & U14 teams travel to surrounding communities


Weather can be an issue and NWISC will make every attempt to play all scheduled games. Meaning light rain, cold or breezy wet conditions, we will not cancel games. Severe weather and heavy rainfall can delay games and if the fields become unplayable, we will then cancel the games.

In case of lighting, all games will be stopped and teams sent off the fields. Games will resume after 30 minutes of the last reported sight of lighting. Games in progress will be stopped by the referee and will resume if they had not started the second half. If they game was in the second half when the game was called due to weather the game will be considered completed. Games in the first half will start in the second half and play out that half.

We will announce delays or cancellations via our Facebook page ( and the web site. Delays and cancellations will also be posted on our Facebook page. The NWISC director will work with your coaches regarding delays and cancellations. Please visit our website or contact your coach for the latest info.

Remember that the temperature at the fields is often colder than at home, and it is often more windy at the fields. Dress accordingly.


Cheer the players from the sidelines, but do not coach! Let the players think for themselves. Soccer is a creative game, let them develop their creativity. If you yell out commands, you may be working against what the coach has been emphasizing. For instance, you may holler “shoot it!” but they are maybe working on passing or more team play.

Cheer positively! Set an example of good sportsmanship! Respect all players, coaches, and referees!

USA Soccer Changes

Parents & Coaches,

US Soccer is making a few changes that will put our program more in line with how the rest of the world organizes and manages their soccer programs.

These new coaching initiatives take place August 1, 2016 and can be split into two major categories:

Birth Year Registration

US Soccer has removed the policy of age groups being decided based on a birth date before August 1st or after August 1st. A player's age group will now be determined based solely on their birth year.

When registering, note that your child needs to have been born in 2012 to play this season in our youngest U6 age group.

NWISC will be offering a Recreational program through 8th grade which will likely be a combined U13-U15 age group (12,13,14 year olds who are in 7th & 8th grade).

The new age group registration is based on calendar year. The new cut-off dates will be January 1 through December 31 of any given year. This is consistent with the other 208 FIFA countries that register youth players by their year of birth. Players born between January 1 and December 31 in a year will now play on the same team — unless a player is “playing up” in an older age group.

Player Development Initiatives

A resource for parents, coaches, and referees supporting the growth and improvement of grassroots soccer

For additional information, follow the link to Iowa Soccer Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up in the fall for both sessions, do I have to register again? How much does it cost to play? What if I miss the registration deadline? What forms of payment are accepted? What age does my child have to be to play? If I sign my child up and he decides not to play, can I get a refund? Who will contact me for practice times and games?