Northwest Iowa Soccer Club

NWISC Registration

Spring 2019 Recreational Registration

Early Bird Registration: Not Currently Open
Regular Registration: Not Currently Open
Late Registration: Not Currently Open

Practices Start: March 25th
Games Start: April 6th

Important Notice

We are now utilizing a registration program offered by Iowa Soccer. If your children have played in prior seasons, but did not participate in the Fall 2018 season you will now register through Iowa Soccer. If you participated in the Fall 2018 season, you should already have an account.

If you have questions please contact Abbey Miller at

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to play? What if I miss the registration deadline? What forms of payment are accepted? What age does my child have to be to play? If I sign my child up and he decides not to play, can I get a refund? Who will contact me for practice times and games?