Northwest Iowa Soccer Club

About Refereeing

As an organization we try not only to promote the playing of the game but the officiating of it as well. NWISC has approximately 20 certified referees, not only adults but teenagers as well. Each referee has gone through a training class sanctioned through USSF, and is required to re-certify each year. This shows the true dedication of each individual that has chosen to learn the rules and officiate.

Each referee is paid for the games that they officiate depending on the age group.

Recreation Pay Scale

Level Pay
U6 $10.00
U8 $10.00
U10 $15.00
U12-U14 AR $15.00
U12 Center $20.00
U14 Center $25.00
U12-U14 Two-Man Team $25.00/Ref
*Certification costs through USSF $50, with re-certification costing $50/year

Referee Resources

US Soccer - Referee Program - Rules of the Game

State Director of Instruction - Iowa

US Youth Soccer

International Football Association Board

Iowa Referee Committee

Iowa Soccer Association