Northwest Iowa Soccer Club


The Club

Galaxy competitive soccer was formed in 2006 for players who need more than recreational soccer and want to take their game to the next level. Every player needs a stable, but competitive environment in which to develop. We offer an age based curriculum that brings every kids ability to fruition. We currently have 9 teams for boys and girls from U10 to U19. By joining the Galaxy you’re joining a big family. Although soccer is the focus, it’s a truly cultural experience. The kids and parents travel together to different tournaments, meeting different people from different back grounds. In recent years, the NWISC teams have played against teams from Australia, Brazil, England, Columbia, and Canada. From exchanging pins at the USA cup to holding team swim nights, nothing is quite like it. We select only the best coaches in NW Iowa to run our teams. Every coach is professionally qualified, has been state authorized and is very passionate about the game and giving the best club experience possible.

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Importance of Playing Pick-Up Soccer

Borrowed from North Shore United Soccer Club: "[We] would like to highlight the importance of pick-up soccer for player development. We hope that our players and parents embrace these ideas after reading this and try to play as much pick-up games as they can. Structured sports activities and unstructured activities both contribute positively to youth player development. Informal sports, known also as pick-up games, are games organized and controlled by the players themselves. These games are unstructured and do not have official, standard league rules. First and foremost, participants choose to engage in informal sports for personal involvement, inclusion and to have fun. For example, players get involved in setting up rules of a pick-up soccer game based on availability of field space and equipment. Participants decide rule modifications and assume the role of referee by making their own foul calls. They get to choose teams and deal with undecided disputes that the game presents to them. Pick-up soccer is very valuable for players’ development because of its high level of action for the players which creates excitement and many scoring opportunity for both teams. Informal soccer games have modified rules and are not necessary restricted to time or goal limits, they can be prolonged if teams are having fun. If one team is dominant players usually stop the game and reshuffle players to have a more balanced and exciting game. Pick-up soccer is very important also to establish friendship before and after the games. In pick-up soccer winning is not the focus of the activity. The activity is about having fun, enjoy playing, exercising, development of players’ creativity, leadership and problem-solving."

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